The Community of Owe People Abroad (COPA) is a non-profit association of Owe people who reside in developed countries around the world.

Owe people are part of the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria and constitute one of the major ethnic groups in Kogi State. Owe is made of Kabba and several neighboring towns and villages with a common ancestry.

A predominant portion of our population resides in the headquarters, Kabba, located near the confluence of the two major rivers in Nigeria: the Niger and the Benue.

Owe people are reputed for their impeccable integrity, persistent hard work, as well as an extraordinary passion for education. Most of our members (currently about 100) reside in the United States and Canada and many hold responsible positions in academia, industry, business, and other institutions.

We are extremely proud of our rich heritage, and it doesn't take much time for a stranger to figure that out!