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Objective of COPA WHEREAS We recognize our common ancestry and cultural heritage; We understand the richness of our culture and traditional Owe value orientation; We recognize the need to pass to our children the positive aspects of Owe culture and values;

It is imperative not only to unite Owe people abroad, but also to provide a platform for the next generation to build on this unity for the betterment of Owe people everywhere and Oweland in particular and for the long-term; 3.IN THE BELIEF That Owe people abroad accept their sacred responsibility to transfer their culture and values to the next generation, most of who might make their lives here abroad, That the OWE community in the United States in particular have decided to come together to promote among other things, our cultural heritage, economic, and educational development of ourselves, common good and unity among its people, and more importantly to encourage, counsel and guide our children as they mature through life, and That the CONVENTION OF OWE PEOPLE ABROAD.